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Be True to Yourself

Perhaps the most important value of all is that of integrity. A successful person once said to me, “Integrity is not so much a value in itself; it is rather the value that guarantees all the other values.”

Trusts Motion is dedicated to improving access to mental health services for people who are in need but do not have the financial resources to pay for them, and to raising awareness about the importance of mental health. We aim to help mental health clinics reach clients and provide fast and efficient support to people seeking mental health services. Our goal is to make mental health services accessible and affordable to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.


Trusts Motions aim to educate the public about mental health disorders and raise awareness about the importance of mental health. We believe that by educating the public, we can help to reduce the stigma associated with mental health disorders and encourage people to seek the help they need.


Our Mission
Our mission is to empower individuals to live their best livesby providing them with the tools and resources needed to improve their mental health. We believe that mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being, and we are committed to making it accessible to everyone..

Assists in the development of gifted children and capable young people by providing equal opportunities based exclusively on their professional skills. 

How We Operate ?
Trusts Motion is a sustainable and financially responsible organization.We rely on a combination of funding sources, including grants,donations, and income from our mental health services.We also leverage technology to reduce our overhead costs and streamline our operations, allowing us to allocate more resources towards providing quality care to our clients.  

What Makes Us Different?
Trusts Motion is the first and only organization in Botswana that provides accessible and affordable mental health care services to everyone, regardless of their financial situation or location.We believe that mental health care should not be a luxury, and we are committed to making it accessible to everyone in need.Our innovative approach, leveraging technology and partnerships, allows us to provide high-quality care at a fraction of the cost of traditional mental health care services.